Much Ado About Nothing?

The attempts to change the outcome of the American 2020 presidential Election are failing.

These attempts are judicial and political. The judicial cases are dying fast, and it is fascinating to see how affidavits from witnesses are dismissed even with all the rhetoric we can watch in the media.
When put to the test, there is no tangible proof that can be defended in front of the judges.
The political attempt is to overturn the electoral college delegates by having governors or state legislatures select these against the election results. It is reported that President Trump is calling directly to the GOP leaders of swing states to try to make it happen.
The ultimate strategy is to try to throw away all mail-in ballots, and the last attempt to have states suing each other challenging how they run elections, attempting to arrive at the Supreme Court.

The election was correct; nothing out of the ordinary happened except for a high percentage of participation and mail-in ballots in time of a pandemic. In essence, much ado about nothing, or is there something?

So, why the continuous attempt even if the election results are so blatantly apparent?

We may have a response in the words of Aristotle: “Republic decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.”

I believe America is dangerously letting Despotism gain a core of its citizens that will support President Trump no matter what outcome comes from the Electoral college, as they have already disregarded the election results.
Even if the institutions in January 20th recognize President-Elect Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, the seed of Despotism is in the midst of American society and represented by elected officials in the Republican Party. And for what the surveys suggest, not a small part.

The hope for American democracy is that so far, institutions of government are moving towards the transition. And it is happening regardless of the despotic attempt to disregard the election results and the President’s argument along with his cabinet and supporters that he will remain in power.
The Republican party has to resolve a critical question for the American Democracy, to keep living in a validated Democracy or embrace the Despotism justified by the character of a leader. Will The GOP embrace the conspiracy theories that will justify the belief in the leader’s premises and try to obtain power by all means necessary?

Trump has not acted in isolation; he has media platforms, party members, interest groups, and religious leaders behind him. Suppose he does not lose the esteem of his support. In that case, we may well see for years of constant challenges to the American Democratic Republic in the way of disobedience, parallel governance, and more social unrest.
But if, on the contrary, the esteem dissolves into the air, America could have survived a critical moment in history, and its democracy may be strengthened, modernized, and evolved. At least it is my hope.

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