The Great Reset

Crises bring the hunger, homelessness, displacement, education deficiencies, unemployment, inequality, direct personal consequences to each individual and entire societies. 

In the last one hundred years, we had four critical moments of worldwide significance that changed world economics, the aftermath of the first world war 1914-1917, the Great Depression 1924-1928, and the Second World War 1942-1945. The world economic powers adopted then new financial measures and prepared ambitious plans that changed the opportunities and development significantly for countries, nations and individuals. 

However, right now, we live not one but multiple crises simultaneously.

We didn’t recover from the Great Recession of 2009 when we have received a punch in the face with the COVID 19 health crisis, all of it while a few decades-long accelerated Climate Change because of Human intervention is taken place. 

We can see unprecedented moves and see governments adopt measures leaving their political philosophies aside, to name a few:

  • Increasing deficits to subsidize industries and tackle unemployment subsidies.
  • Adopting or augmenting social policies.
  • Choosing between industries’ economic viability while deregulating others related to health services and vaccines’ potential development and distribution. 
  • Aggressive targets for zero emissions and industrial changes.

The socioeconomic impacts of COVID19 are going to last for longer than we can imagine. COVID has amplified the consequences of the previous crisis, and it impacts the most vulnerable, added to the impacts of Recession and Climate Change.

The world requires immediate improvement to tackle the most significant challenges advocating a reconciliatory alliance between immediate individual needs, human dignity, and long-term planning. Right now, we live one of those moments in history when we have to make choices based on the future vision that will require significant changes and sacrifices and will drive a new model to organize our societies and mutual relations. 

It is a moment to reconduct our policies, take a hard look at what matters the most, and probably abandon experiments as too many people need intervention.

The alliance between Business, Government, Philanthropy with the individual commitment for change and adaptation is necessary to mitigate severe socioeconomic and climate consequences. Sigrid Kaag, Netherlands Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, made significant remarks regarding the Humanitarian initiative in the World Economic Forum session of September 2020:

“…We are not gear to tackle the consequences of COVID19.”

“Mechanism to help the individual” even from the macro-level investment.

Work more locally: within the humanitarian system, accept the risk, Trust as a pilar and reach those that need the most, accepting the risk, including the political and reputational risk.

“What we see is the problem of coordinating and bringing together all the actors.” Referring to the public and private investment working together. 

COVID19 is showing us we need to work together as partners on a new relationship, a Reset. And because the magnitude of problems is so great (Pandemics, Climate Change, Economic Recession), affecting everybody, everywhere, the term coined after the recent Recession has been re-activated, the Great Reset. 

A Great Reset of global relations must come out of the COVID19 crisis. One that protects human dignity, offering opportunities to live with the essentials of life protected as rights, not privileges. A new contract that prioritizes life protection in a preventative way, with a global perspective. A practical vision that understands that Climate Change, the consequences of the destruction of ecosystems need to be addressed with “real politics.”

In 2017 I published a response precisely to the need for a Great Reset in the way of new agreements between governments to move to supranational management of the essential politics for Human Development. With the COVID19 crisis, some of the ideas I explained are being adopted: Basic Guaranteed Income, Climate Change policies, Healthcare regulations, standardize and free Education opportunities. 

In conclusion, I welcome a new Great Reset. It is now necessary, and there is a lot of work to do by our politicians and other actors, which can significantly influence a change that will help us prepare to survive this moment and ready for the next crisis.

It saddens me that this Great Reset is already under attack by unfounded conspiracy theories that try to keep the status quo. The “thirst for lies” in social media delivers disinformation and combines all the world’s evils and dangerous hypothesis to stop the necessary change. 

The only way to move forward is to confront the attempt to disenfranchise people. We cannot afford the lies to corrupt the way to guarantee the protection of life and human evolution. 

As citizens, we should demand our politicians to be realistic, protect the most vulnerable even if it takes sacrifice to change our economic preconceive models, do everything possible to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, even if it requires a total reshaping of the industrial fabric, and to invest in human dignity with regards to work, healthcare and education.

We can come out of the COVID19 crisis better prepared for the future. The leaders supporting this global change are worth listening to, and we all have a role to play. 

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